Tips to Prevent Injury in the Bathroom

Tips to Prevent Injury in the Bathroom

Tips to Prevent Injury in the Bathroom

Injury-proofing a bathroom is crucial if elderly or disabled residents use it. The bathroom is often the place where accidents can happen more than any other room, but let's face it, we can't avoid using it. You don't need to be scared of using it. You can live life as independently as you can, just have a read of our suggestions, they could help prevent an accident. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

  • Install handrails in and around the shower area, bath and toilet.

  • Use screws; don’t just nail them into a wall. test them for strength and stability by pretending you are falling. They should not move at all.

  • Put anti-skid mats and decals on the floor of the shower, bath and on any area a wet foot can touch.

  • Place a shower chair in the shower. A walk-in bath might be an option if your budget allows it.

  • Have a chair or stool. An anti-slip seat can also act as a walking aid between toilet and bath. Make sure you use one that's made for the bathroom.

  • Make sure the towels, soap and shampoo are in easy reach from everywhere! The bath, the sink and shower. You should never reach out for anything, even if that means having a set of towels on both sides of the bathroom.  

  • Put night lights or motion detectors by the bathroom door, so lighting comes on without needing to find the light switch in the dark.

  • The toilet can be modified with a raised toilet seat. You can even buy anti-slip lids.

When it comes to bathroom safety, you cannot afford to cut any corners. A safe bathroom will give you the peace of mind that you or your loved one can go to the bathroom without the fear of falling over. The most simple of changes in your bathroom, some you may not even notice, can bring in huge rewards and peace of mind.

We have an extensive range of bathroom safety items here. If you’re unsure of what you might need then give us a call. We are more than happy to help you work out exactly what you will need, and what you won’t.


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