Health & Therapy

At Independence Ltd we understand that health and therapy is incredibly important to us, so we have researched and provided multiple ways of dealing with anything that may be causing our customers issues or concern. We supply creams and ointments that are made in the UK as well as Super Blue Relief that is imported from the USA and used by millions for pain relief. We also offer Magnetic Therapy in the form of bracelets which come in many styles and designs, that is said to help those who suffer with arthritis. 

It is sometimes difficult to keep warm or cool so we offer ways of adjusting ones temperature, for example our Fleece Blankets offer an economical way to stay warm and cosy. 

And we know how important exercise is and so offer methods to help stimulate the muscles in various areas of the body, our Hand & Wrist Gel Balls are popular as they improve mobility, reduces stress and help rehabilitation.

Aids for mental health such as Sudoku cubes and Therapy colouring books are also included in the range to help maintain an active mind.