Bathroom & Bedroom

Time spent in the bedroom and bathroom should be as enjoyable and relaxing and as safe as possible. The wide selection of products featured in this category will help achieve the highest level of comfort and support and ensure confidence and peace of mind. 


Within the bathroom, there are many slippery surfaces, all that can result in injury if not properly made safe and secure. With a combination of some of our products, we can make you feel more confident visiting the bathroom by offering you the right support, such as our Bath and Shower Mats. If there are times when cleaning ones self is made rather tricky, we also offer washing aids that can assist you, such as our Long Handled items that can get to those out of reach areas.


Whether it's getting comfortable in bed for a good nights sleep, making sure that you are safe at night or getting out of bed in the morning, Independence Ltd covers all these areas. By using items such as our Adjustable Backrest to get in the right position to sleep to using our Emergency Night Light/Torch to see around the house at night, we can help you feel confident in the bedroom.