Practical Discounts for the Disabled

Practical Discounts for the Disabled

There are a number of companies and organisations that offer valuable, practical discounts for disabled citizens that can make a significant difference to their quality of life. Some of these discounts are well known, some are not. In this post we’re going to highlight several that we think you should know about. 

Around the Home

Council Tax Reduction - Some disabled people need more space to accommodate their disability than they would need if they weren’t disabled. As such they may be entitled to what is called the “Disabled Band Reduction Scheme” designed to reduce their council tax in order to help make up for the additional cost of their larger home. 

Water Bills Capped - Some disabled people may need to use larger than average amounts of water in order to cope with their disability. If this is the case they may be entitled to have their water bill capped. It’s called the “Watersure” scheme and it can help whether you are using the water personally or you have a number of school age children consuming large quantities of water.

No VAT on Adaptations - If your disability requires adaptations be made to your home (for instance a wheelchair ramp to the front entrance) you may be eligible to have some adaptations made VAT free. The same also goes for disability-related equipment. You may be able to purchase it without paying VAT. 

Out in the World

Discount Services at Public Libraries - Many libraries in the UK offer discount services for the disabled including, but not limited to: 

  • Free computer access.

  • Audio books at a reduced rate.

  • Relief from overdue book fees. 

Travel Discounts - There are a slew of travel-related discounts available for disabled people whether that travel is across town or country to country. Everything from reduced rates on rental cars and rail fares to discounts on parking and reduced rates for public transportation. 

Those who care for the disabled are also eligible for discounts on a variety of leisure activities including:

  • Discount theatre tickets.

  • Free tickets to the cinema.

  • Free admission to museums including the National Trust.

Why spend another day overpaying for home services, adaptations, water etc if you don’t need to! Likewise if you’re a carer for the disabled make sure you take advantage of the generous discounts available on a wide range of entertainment and educational options. There’s no reason to make things harder on yourself than they are. Take advantage of these programs and lift some of the weight from your shoulders.


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